Comprehensive Test Management​

How does Testiny assist in the Test Management Process?

Testiny is designed to facilitate effective test management by offering the following functionalities:

Test management

All metrics at one glance
Designed to help your team improve performance, quality and coverage.

Testing interconnected
Integrate Testiny with issue trackers, automation, CI tools, etc. using our REST API.

Team management made easy
Testiny provides features designed to make teamwork easy and productive at the same time.

Testing favors the brave.

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What is Test Management?

Good question – in theory, it is the process of managing all activities related to testing. However, the answers differ from who you’re asking or referring to.

We define test management in the following way – split into 2 parts: Planning and Execution.


During the “planning part” tasks like risk analysis, test estimation, test planning and organization are performed. This part is usually done once and then refined or adapted over time.


Run test cases
Burn-down Chart

The “execution part” consists of test monitoring, issue management and test reporting & evaluation of executed tests (manual or automated ones) and is continuously carried out to have an overview of the overall testing process and product quality.

Testing favors the brave.

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Benefits of a Test Management Tool

Such tools assist a user in executing all the aforementioned tasks in an effective and structured manner. Theoretically, having lots of text files with test cases, results etc. in a folder structure or using spreadsheets can also be test management; however, a difficult one to scale and use in a team.

Testiny is a unified modern test management tool with the goal to make manual, exploratory and automated software testing as easy and efficient as it should be. It integrates seamlessly in your software development and DevOps cycle.

DevOps - Software development

Simply create and execute Tests with Testiny

Write Test Cases and Link Requirements
Optimized for productivity, Testiny makes it as easy and fast as possible to create tests, link requirements and quickly perform tasks related to test-creation.
Create and organize test cases without any hassle.

Assign Testers and Track Changes
Testing is a team effort; easily distribute test cases across your team members and track the progress of your testing efforts. Any changes are documented in a bullet-proof auditing system; you’ll always know what happened and when.

Execute Tests and Link Defects
Forget pressing “Refresh” to see what has changed – when using Testiny any change immediately appears on your screen. You will always know who just finished which tests, what the current status is and which tasks are still open.
No more lags – every update appears in real time.

Analyze Results and Create Reports
Software contains bugs and thus tests sometimes fail and reveal those bugs. With Testiny analyzing the overall results becomes a breeze; you will immediately see what performed well and where issues occurred. Finally, create immutable PDF-reports and have your test case results documented forever.

Testing favors the brave.

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