Adding JIRA projects to testiny

I have been using testiny with one JIRA project. But when I try to change the setting to All Projects (through settings-integrations-edit JIRA), I get the following error (and it won’t add the other projects):

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your feedback.
I see that there were authentication issues reported by Atlassian around that timeframe (

Could you please give it another try and let us know if you still receive those errors? Please enable the Support-User (Settings > Support > Grant Access), allowing us to take a closer look using your connection.

thank you, Stefan

I’ve granted access. Also, this error appears first, before I try to change to “All JIRA Projects”

thank you for your patience. we are investigating the issue. I’ll keep you updated about our progress.

thank you, Stefan

Using an Incognito or InPrivate session for re-login resolved the issue for Sean.

As we develop a permanent fix, you may find this a useful temporary solution if you encounter the same problem.