Get history of test cases using REST API

I’m trying to get history of test cases.
I’m using example as explained here:

I get following error:
{“type”:“ApiError”,“code”:“API_INVALID_REQUEST”,“message”:“Invalid entity”,“reqid”:“TJGRO5Og8bszSSzYq47y”}

Can u help with a detailed example, or checking in your logs,
what cause of error (see reqid)


Welcome to the Testiny forum,
To get the history of testcases, you need to specify “testcase” as the “:entity” placeholder


  "projectId": 1,
  "from": {"days": 7},
  "ids": [1234,12345]

This example queries the history of testcases “1234” and “12345” from project “1” over the last 7 days. The result then includes all historical values for the given ids, with the valid_from and valid_to properties describing the time interval for this value - with valid_to: null meaning “still current”

Testiny Team

Hi Michael,
Thanks it works.
What value should I put in "from": {"days": 7},
to get all the history. (I don’t want to check each item when it was created).
It works when I remove “from” completely,
but "from" : null - gave error, and setting value like int.max instead of 7, gave only one history item.
So the only way is to remove “from” completely ?

You can omit the “from”, but there is a limit of 1000 entries total returned (all versions of all entities)