Junit XML report testiny-importer testrun

Hello, i have a problem with testiny-importer testrun, when i try to import this two XML Junit reports:

<testcase classname="test" name="test" status="skipped" time="">
    <skipped type=" "  message="">

<testcase classname="test" name="test" status="untested" time="">
    <untested type=" "  message="">

The testiny status result is passed, although I have indicated that it is a test in “skipped” and “untested” status.

When i try with these two XML Junit reports it works perfectly:

<testcase classname="test" name="test" status="passed" time="">

<testcase classname="test" name="test" status="error" time="">
    <error type=" "  message="">

It looks like “behave” uses “untested” as a custom status.
What does this represent? We could map it to Skipped / Blocked / NotRun?

Hello Adam,
What are you using to generate the JUnit file?
I don’t think thats an “official” status code - but we could add it as “Skipped” or “NotRun” ?

This feature is now available with our latest release, see the corresponding post Testiny v1.10.1

Best Regards,