Add option to move/copy test cases & folders to other projects and to duplicate entire folder

Can we please add an option to duplicate the entire folder?

  • It should not only duplicate cases but the folder along with cases.
  • Improve the update/delete option for folders in the context of user experience, so that I can import or move test cases in bulk to any folder or project I want in Testiny.


Thanks for your valuable feedback!

To others who might read this topic: the action “duplicate folder” can be found in the menu of the folder, as shown in the screenshot below.

About the second point: Deleting whole folders (including its subfolders) is already possible via the folder menu. However, we could make these options more visible; we’ll discuss it.
You can also bulk-move test cases to other folders by selecting multiple test cases and then drag & drop them to another folder. Could you maybe specify in more detail what feature you’re missing here?

What’s missing is moving/copying test cases and folders to other projects: we already have this feature on our roadmap, but I cannot promise you a release date yet.
It helps to know that you’re interested in this feature. Anyone who also needs this feature, please leave an upvote and comment if you have specific requirements.

Hey again,

While we’re working on the UI, it is already possible to copy tests between projects using the API:

  // 123 = TC ID
  var tc = await testiny.testcase.findOne(123);
  tc.project_id = 2; // use new project ID
  await testiny.testcase.insert(tc);

Also see this post.