Bugs in folder duplication

I request your team to investigate the folder duplication feature as I am facing multiple issues when I duplicate any folder it doesn’t duplicate the complete folder sometimes, or sometimes it duplicates only the test cases within the same folder instead of creating a new folder. Sometimes it duplicates them multiple times we have to delete them 1 by 1 manually since we also don’t have bulk deletion feature (unless its hidden somewhere bring it to front).

I migrated from testrails to testiny and do not intend to move back to that tool but It is a hassle kindly have it tested by your QAs, and have it tested and fixed by your team on priority. Thank you! :pray:

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Thank you for your feedback. Would you be so kind to give us more information on the situation you are experiencing those issues?

In case you duplicate testcases in “All test cases”, it appears for the user like there could be a folderstructure taken into consideration, but actually only testcases are selected in the list - resulting in Duplication of Test Cases rather than folders and Test Cases.

We see that this is confusing and we are thinking on how to make the behaviour clearer.
The only way to duplicate complete folders and their testcases is currently in the test case folder tree (Add option to duplication entire folder).

Bulk deletion: Please kindly select the test cases you want to delete and use the “Delete” button at the upper right:

Can you please provide us with some feedback if that helps or there are still issues? Especially the “duplicates multiple times” would be interesting, as we are struggling to reproduce that issue so far.

thank you, stefan


Thank you for your update with Screenshots, that helps a lot. I will take a look into it and get back to you shortly.
Meanwhile, can you please enable the Supportuser, so that we can also see your full tenant data? (Settings > Support > Grant access) That would help us further to pinpoint the issue.

thank you, stefan


Thanks a lot for enabling the support user. We where able to reproduce the issue. In a specific constellation of data combined with deeper nested folders some folders where duplicated into the old sourcefolder instead of the new targetfolder.
A fix is on its way and will be released after testing within the next days.

thank you again for your support on finding the issue, this helps us a lot making our product better.

thank you, stefan

The fix for this issue just got released.

Best Regards,