Is it possible to version the test cases based on the product changes?

Some test cases need to be updated based on the feature changes happening. Still we need to have a reference to the previous test case as well. Is this possible?
I have a test case for a feature in my product in its version as 1.0. But when we release the product version 1.1, that test case needs to be updated based on the feature change. So I need to have the updated test case and need to indicate as its valid from product version 1.1 onwards and also I need to have a way to trace that the previous test case is valid till product version 1.0.
Is there a way to do this?

Sorry, we do not support referencing specific test case versions at this time, e.g. from a test plan or test run.
That said, closed test runs already reference a specific version of a test case and all changes within a test case are already tracked, so the foundation is already there.

We do have such a feature on our roadmap. The more people request such a feature, the sooner it will be worked on and be available.
So if anyone reads this and also needs this feature, please leave an upvote or even a comment/post what your requirements are. Thank you!

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I also have the feeling that having some kind of versioning on the test case would be helpful to track changes etc. Also maybe an idea would be to have sth like PR on the test cases like; a QA engineer updates a test case and then creates a PR for a Lead QA Engineer so that she/he can check it and approve/reject it.