Test case name and test case folders when importing junit test results using testiny-importer testrun

Hello Team,

I am trying to automatically create test cases for already existing tests in our app. To do this I am using the test results of junit test. The sample results.xml file is like below

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <testsuite name="auth0/GetNonArchivedProjects" errors="0" failures="0" skipped="0" tests="1" timestamp="2024-01-11T15:14:09.572" hostname="TEST" time="1.138">
    <testcase name="should be able to get projects" status="pass" classname="https://test-staging.com/api/internal/projects?archived=true&amp;limit=100" time="1.138"/>

when i use the following command to import the test results

testiny-importer testrun --apikey <apikey> -y -q --name ci-tests-%date -P 12345 --junit results.xml

In test cases created i see the folder is created with test suite name and also the title of the test case created is appending testcase name and class name.

Is there any way that i can only see the test case name in the title instead of appending the class name it would be more clean when i run the test cases for different environments


Hello Sandeep,
Unfortunately there is currently no way to configure this. Which test framework are you using to create the JUnit file?
The “classname” attribute varies wildly from tool to tool and it’s probably a good idea to add some setting to control its inclusion - we will keep this in mind.


This feature is now available with our latest release, see the corresponding post Testiny v1.10.1

Best Regards,

Hello @mgi ,

I see that you have included the --junit-ignore-classname in 1.10.0 , that works perfectly , thanks for that .
Also another thing, is there a way that when i import the above junit xml file, testiny splits the name “auth0/GetNonArchivedProjects” into folders structure , instead of the folder name being “auth0/GetNonArchivedProjects” (as in the screenshot), i tried using the flag --folder-separator but it did not help. Idea would be to use it to create same folder structure in both app and testiny

This is currently not possible. The folder separator is only used for CSV imports, for other file formats the “natural” hierarchy is used - but we will keep this in mind for future releases