Testiny v1.10.0

Our latest release is here, and it brings exciting new features! :rocket::star2:

New filter option: Folders. We’ve added a new option for filtering test cases: filter by test case folders. You can use this filter in conditional queries for test plans, and anywhere else where you can filter test cases.


Introducing User Permission per Project. User roles can now be configured on a per-project basis to tailor and fine-tune permissions in your organization. Assign user roles per project to give users only the permissions they really need and use No Access to remove a user’s access to a project completely.


Test Run Improvements. The summary section in test runs is now collapsible, so you can hide this section while you are running test runs to focus on the tests.
In addition to that, we now also show requirements linked to test cases in the test run for easier access.

See all features and bug fixes in our changelog.