Bug created from testiny missing data in Azure Devops


We came across an issue where bugs created from testiny missing ‘test steps’ in azure devops. We selected the “Add test steps to description” & “Add comments to description” options.

When investigated and found that the steps copied into the description field of a bug. But azure devops never shows a bug description in the bug page. We have to go through history to view the description.

Instead it has “Repro Steps” where the actual reproduction steps are detailed.

It is better to copy the testiny test steps into “Repro Steps” instead of description.

As of now the bugs created only has the title and not useful for us.

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The idea was to use a field that exists in all Azure Devops work item types, i.e. title and description, since you can choose which item type Testiny should create.

I understand that this might not be the best field for bugs in your process, especially since Azure Devops processes can be customized, i.e. you can change which fields are shown and which are not. That said, you could try to also customize your bug work type to also show the description field, then you can easily copy & paste the parts you need.

I also added a feature request to our backlog to be able to choose the field where information goes when creating an issue. If anyone else reads this and needs this feature, please leave an upvote or a comment. Thank you!

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Thanks Alex for pointing out the customization feature of the azure devops. We are able to bring the description field into view.

+1 for the field mapping feature.

While creating the bug, Testiny removes the formatting while putting the values into the description. And the result a single paragraph of entire test steps and expected result. Which is very hard to read.

My test case in Testiny

Bug shows in azure devops

It will be great if Testiny adds some level of formatting (at least new lines) between test steps and expected results. That will make it really readable.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Actually, Testiny does not completely remove the formatting, it just creates markdown from the text and sends that to the integration. Unfortunately, there is currently no integration specific transformation, i.e. Azure expects HTML, not markdown for the description field.

Creating HTML line breaks out of the simple \n line breaks is easy, though, so we will do that as a first step in the next bug fix release :slight_smile:

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Hi Alex, Thanks for the update.

We are looking forward for the bugfix release.

Suggestion: It will also be great to have an option to just copy all test steps to clipboard. So that we can use it in whatever way we want.

I’ll see what we can do. Adding such a button to the “Create issue/requirement” should not really be an issue :slight_smile: