Cypress integration

Hi, is there any plan to support out of the box Cypress integration?

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Hey hey,

we don’t just have a plan; it’s actually already done :slight_smile:
The main project we’re working on right now is automation, including first-class support for tools like Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, …

So stay tuned - the feature will be available soon.

Could you please let me know which reporter + format you are using in Cypress? And ideally - could you send us a result file or two?

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Is there a planned release date of these new integrations, especially cypress?


Hey Mustafa,

Cypress and other tools are already working; you simply need to store the results in the JUnit format and then import them – more about that here:

A first version of the extended automation-support is planned for the next months; likely end of Q2/mid Q3.

Unfortunately, I can’t give an exact release date, otherwise my colleagues from development would put a USB cable (or maybe a network cable) around my neck and hang me in front of the building :smile: :see_no_evil:
(ok; maybe not quite that bad)

I hope you can understand.
We try to deliver a great user experience, and this needs a couple of iterations; especially on completely new topics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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