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Importing Results from Automated Tests

The CLI is designed to easily collect your automated test results from your servers, your CI/CD pipeline, automation tools or anywhere else. Once you have extracted the CLI tool as mentioned in the getting started topic, you can start submitting test results to Testiny.

To send your test automation results to Testiny, just convert them into the standard JUnit-style XML. JUnit is a standard file format used to interchange automated test results between different tools or to import them from CI/CD systems. Testiny CLI also supports Playwright JSON files.

After you have executed your automated tests and your JUnit result files were generated, simply use the Testiny-Importer to send your results to Testiny.

$ export TESTINY_API_KEY=********
$ ./testiny-importer-linux testrun \
--confirm \
--duplicates folder_title \
--project <YourTestinyProjectKey> \
--junit <your_junit_results_file>.xml

After submitting your automated test results, the data should immediately show up on the Test-Runs page (you may need to switch to the correct project).

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