Folder Descriptions are not exported

Issue : The descriptions on the folders are not exported.

Preconditions :

  • You have demo project added to your Testiny
  • At least one folder has a description written

Steps to reproduce :
1 - Export the project as CSV → Check the CSV, there is no description.
2 - Import the same CSV

Expected Result : The description of the folder is also imported
Actual Result: The description is not imported

Additonal Note : I have lost many valuable information which I wrote on test folders. I was basically exporting some set of test cases and importing to different, newly created projects on Testiny. I guess this functionality does not exist. right? So you can not move folders across different projects.

Finally, is it possible to restore those test folder descriptions ?

Appreciate the help!

Hello Mustafa,

  • Folder descriptions are currently not exported, but are already supported when importing - this will be fixed in the next release
  • The exports to CSV/Excel are currently not accurate Markdown, but we will improve on this. This includes code, tables and lists. There are currently no plans to export images directly.
  • Copying/Moving testcases/folders to other projects is on our roadmap and will be coming soon™

Hi, thanks a lot for the reply. Is it somehow possible to restore the descriptions that I lost? I basically deleted the folders after exported them

Please send us an email to [email protected] with your organization, project and the approximate time you deleted the folders, activate support user access in your settings and we will try to help you out.
Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks a lot again for the help. All cases seem to be restored :slight_smile:

We just deployed release 1.12.0 including the fix. :slight_smile: