Is it possible to print TestCases or Results with details as PDF?

We currently use TestRail and came across Testiny while looking for an alternative tool. I am currently in a trial here.

In our day-to-day business, we are often faced with the challenge of documenting to our clients how we have tested exactly. In TestRail we do this on the one hand with reports, on the other hand we print the newly created test cases and runs with results as a PDF in which our clients can add comments/annotations to the test case / results. Is it possible to export all test cases or a filtered list of test cases including details such as “steps” as an easy-to-read PDF?

How can you show in a result exactly which steps of a test were successful, which steps were blocked and which failed?

To what extent are you working on improving the reporting options? What other reporting and evaluation options for KPIs are planned?

Thank you very much for your quick reply!
I had already discovered the report you linked to here. However, as you have already recognized, this is not what I am looking for. I am looking for a PDF report that not only shows a simple list of the test cases in the run with their overall result, but also the steps and the expected results, as well as the possibility to indicate exactly which step has failed and to leave an “Actual Result” for exactly this step. It should also be possible to add more than one result to the same test, so that a history of a test can be created within a run. It is not uncommon for us to receive different builds for a milestone during a test, with tests initially failing but working a few days later. We don’t want to create a new run every time, but simply retest previously failed tests, but mark that a test with build X failed during the run but worked with build Y.

In addition, we use the following reports very frequently and regularly in TestRail:

  1. summary reports for Runs, Milestones and Plans
  2. activity summary
  3. defects summary
  4. defects summary for cases
  5. users - workload summary

To be honest, TestRail also doesn’t do a 100% perfect job with these reports, but it is sufficient for our requirements.

What we sorely miss in TestRail is the possibility to find feature tasks directly in Jira that have not yet been assigned to a TestCase or Run in TestRail.

Perhaps this feedback will help you decide which reporting features should be considered next.

Hey hey!

Thank you very much for sharing all this feedback with us :slight_smile:

The links to the specific reports are really helpful; thank you.
Results per step (+ showing them in reports) are furthermore one of the top features we’re working on - don’t nail me down on this, but that’s how it could look like in future:

For the case your TestRail migration is not urgent, simply watch our announcements channel ( - well inform you immediately when such new features go live.

If you’re interested to hear more about our roadmap, the upcoming features, or the overall idea behind Testiny, just schedule a meeting in my calendar:

I would be very happy to talk to you :slight_smile:

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Hey again :slight_smile:

Creating pdf reports is absolutely no problem; simply use the “Create report” functionality as described in our documentation:

The individual steps are not shown in the report yet; but this is not a very big topic and we’ll see if we can add this to one of our next releases.

As reporting is a very big topic, where endless possibilities exist, we try to extend the reporting continuously on user requests as yours.
Such requests include reporting issue and requirement links or the possibility to compare test runs with each other.

Generally speaking, we heavily rely on input as yours to bring Testiny forward and try to realize such feature requests quickly; especially if these are highly valuable and easy to implement :slight_smile:

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Just as an update for everyone: we’ve released a more detailed (and configurable) report that allows to include all test case details in v1.13.0 and results per step in v1.14.0.

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