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Pricing and Payment Details

Free for Open-Source Projects

Testiny is built on top of many great open source tools like NodeJs, React, Docker, etc. We want to say "thank you" to the open source community by offering free Testiny instances with unlimited users to any open source project.
Just register an account in our application and send us an email with a link to your open source project. We will be happy to upgrade your Testiny account to the Advanced plan with all available features and unlimited users.

Testiny Subscriptions

  • Free — for small teams
    The Free Plan enables small test teams of up to 3 people to get started with test management at no cost. We know how hard it is to develop new software as a startup and want to help you develop high-quality software.
    This plan does not include guaranteed support from the Testiny team. However, if you need help, feel free to contact us; we won’t leave you out in the cold.
    Have a look at our pricing details for more information.

  • Advanced — for medium-sized teams, ambitious developers and experienced manual testers
    The Advanced Plan is ideal for larger teams that need more Testiny features, more storage capacity and support from the Testiny team. This plan gives you access to features like custom fields, unlimited history, and more.
    Visit our pricing details for more information.

  • Enterprise — the perfect plan for large teams, test departments, etc.
    The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger testing teams and comes with additional features such as SSO, audit logs, etc. to help larger organizations and teams streamline their software testing.
    This plan also includes priority support and an Enterprise SLA upon request. Since enterprises often have unique setups and individual requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for feature enhancements. We are happy to customize Testiny to meet your advanced needs.
    Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information.

How Users are Counted

Testiny keeps track of the number of users marked as "active" in Settings -> User Management to calculate the subscription fee. We do not track if and how often users log in or access Testiny — things like that don’t affect the subscription fee.
You can adjust the number of seats at any time in Settings -> Billing. If you decrease the number of seats, the paid seats stay available until the end of your billing period. If automatic seats are enabled, you can adjust number of seats needed at any time by adding, removing, activating, or deactivating users Settings -> User Management. If you add multiple users, Testiny collects all the changes in one day and charges your credit card only once. You will therefore receive only one invoice with all the changes within 24 hours.

Subscription fees are calculated as follows:

  • Regular Users
    All regular users except viewers who are marked as "active" are counted for the subscription at any given time.

  • Viewers
    Viewers are available within Testiny at discounted rates; they are only allowed to view test cases, test runs, etc. and leave comments. Enabling all members of the development, test and management team can bring a big economic advantage and much-increased transparency to your company.
    The "Viewer role" has to be explicitly selected in the "Role dropdown" (otherwise the user will be counted as a regular user).

Testiny keeps track of the maximum number of regular users and viewers marked as "active" at the same time and calculates the subscription fee based on this number of users. When you add a new user to your account, Testiny automatically calculates the subscription fee until the end of your payment cycle. For example, if you have 15 days left until your next monthly payment, we will deduct only the aliquot amount of the monthly subscription fee.

Manage and Change Subscriptions

You can manage and change your plan at any time in the Settings -> Billing. Users with administration rights have access to the billing portal.

You can update payment methods and your company details, or access all invoices via the Customer Portal which is powered by our external payment processor, Stripe.

What happens if I change my subscription plan during the month?

You can change your selected plan and add/remove users at any time. If you change your subscription or remove users, Testiny will automatically adjust the subscription fee at the beginning of your next subscription period. Removed seats will remain available until the end of your current billing period. When you add users, they are available immediately — you don’t have to wait until the end of the current subscription period.

Payment Methods and Billing Cycles

Testiny supports all major credit cards, direct debit, etc. and issues a recurring invoice that can be accessed through the Stripe Customer Portal.

  • Monthly subscription
    Monthly subscriptions are billed monthly at the beginning of each new subscription cycle. You can view the recurring subscription fee and the date of the next payment in the Testiny Billing section.

  • Yearly subscription
    Annual subscriptions are offered at a special "12 for 10" rate — you pay for 10 months and get Testiny for 12 months, a 17% discount.

    Annual subscriptions are also billed at the beginning of each new subscription cycle. If you add users during the year, Testiny will automatically invoice you for the rest of the year until the next billing cycle — so you can add users at any time.

    You can view the yearly subscription fee and the date of the next payment in the Testiny Billing section.

Wire transfer and a quote/purchase order (PO) workflow are offered for yearly subscriptions within the Enterprise plan — please contact us via [email protected] in this case.

Open Questions?

If anything is unclear and in case of any questions, please contact us via [email protected].