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User Management

In the User Management section, you can invite, disable, or remove users and manage their permissions.

Inviting users

To invite users to your organization, click the "Invite" button in the top left corner and a side panel will appear, like in the screenshot below. Enter the email address of the user to be added and optionally the first and last name.
In the "Role" drop-down, you can adjust the user’s permissions (for more information about this topic, please see the Roles and Permissions section below).

user management settings invite panel

If you are on a paid plan, the bottom part of the invitation panel also shows the impact on your future invoice. You can invite multiple users during a day; Testiny will collect all activities and send an updated invoice within 24 hours.

If your account is in the "Free Plan", the invite button will be disabled as soon as you reach the user limit of the free plan. If you’d like to add more users, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.


It is also possible to be registered with multiple organizations using the same email address. In this case, an organization drop-down is shown during the login procedure and in the app menu bar to switch between organizations.

Disabling and removing users

In case you want to temporarily restrict a users' access to your organization, you can deactivate their access. Select the user in the table and uncheck the "Active" box.
To remove a user completely from your organization, click the delete icon and confirm. To again add this user to your organization, simply invite them again as described above.

User states

Users added to a Testiny organization can have the following states:

  • Active
    The user is active, can log into Testiny and is allowed to perform actions according to their assigned role.

  • Invited
    The user has been invited to Testiny, but has not completed the registration process yet. Clicking the "Send invitation again" button will send another registration email to the user’s mailbox (please also check the spam folder).

  • Inactive
    Users that have been deactivated are marked as "Inactive" and can no longer log into the respective Testiny organization. Inactive users do not take up a seat and are therefore not considered when your Testiny subscription is billed. The user can then be deleted or marked as "Active" again, in which case the user will receive a confirmation email to re-join the organization.

  • No seat available
    If you have reached the end of the trial period or cancelled a paid plan and the number of active users exceeds the user quota for the free plan, users will be deactivated to meet the quota again. These users will be notified and are marked with "No seat available". Switch to a paid plan to automatically re-enable all users in this state.

Users marked as 'Inactive' are not considered when calculating the fee for your subscription.

Roles and Permissions

Testiny offers the following built-in roles to assign different levels of permissions and administrative access.

  • Owner
    The initial creator of the organization is by default its owner. There can be only one owner in an organization and this user has all possible permissions. The owner can not be deleted or assigned a different role. If you want to transfer ownership to a different user, you can do it on your own in the organization settings.

  • Administrator
    The administrator is allowed to perform all possible actions such as adding/deleting users, changing the billing plan and also creating/deleting tests, test runs, etc.

  • Editor
    An editor is allowed to perform all kinds of actions related to test cases, test runs, test plans etc., but is not allowed to perform administrative actions such as adding/deleting a user, changing the billing plan or other organization-wide settings.

  • Runner
    A user assigned to the runner role is allowed to read test cases, but cannot make any changes to them. A runner can however create test runs, execute tests, or generate reports. The runner role is ideal if you want people to just execute tests without the possibility to make any changes to the tests (e.g. for outsourced test executions).

  • Viewer
    A user with viewer rights is only allowed to view test cases, test runs or reports, but cannot make any changes. A viewer can, however, leave comments. This role is perfect for people who just want to keep up to date with the status of testing.

Changing roles

It is possible to change roles at any time and as often as needed. The according permissions are immediately set and active.
When upgrading from or downgrading to a Viewer role, it might impact your subscription fee. For more information, please refer to the pricing details.

Customizable roles

We are aware of the need for customized roles and more granular permission control. If you would like to have this feature in Testiny, please reach out to us via [email protected] or use the feedback system within Testiny.