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Automation Overview

The Testiny CLI is a powerful command-line tool to upload results from your automated tests to Testiny or to import test cases into Testiny.

The CLI is designed for various use cases and scenarios:

  • Quickly submit your test automation results from the command line or your CI/CD pipeline
  • Import test cases into Testiny
  • Supports both standard and advanced workflows such as parallel testing jobs
  • Works with any test automation tool and framework by using standard JUnit XML report files


The Testiny-Importer CLI is currently distributed via .zip packages containing the respective executable file. You can download the zip packages for the following platforms:

Just unpack the file and use the binary right away.

A distribution via NPM packages (Testiny CLI) is also available.

If you prefer, you can also directly use Testiny’s REST API.

Getting started

Download the respective file for your platform and extract it in any folder. In succession, open a shell or terminal in this folder and use the following command to display the CLI help to validate that the file can be properly executed:

./testiny-importer-linux --help

The output looks similar to this:

    o---o  -----------------------------
\-o -----------------------------

Usage: testiny-importer [options] [command]

--app <url> App endpoint to use (default: "")
-P, --project <nameOrKey> Target project id or key

In order to use the CLI tool, you will need to create an API key first for authentication. Learn more about creating API keys.


There’s no need to install any dependencies to run the Testiny importer. We bundle all required files into one file that you can execute everywhere. You can use our CLI on any platform, including Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, .Net, Python, Ruby, C++ and many many more.