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API Keys

The API keys section allows you to create, modify or delete your API keys, which you need to interact directly with the Testiny API or to use the Testiny CLI Importer.

api keys

Creating API keys

When creating an API key you have the following options (all of those are optional):

  • Name
    Specify a meaningful name for the API key (e.g. api-key-ci) that identifies where the API key will be used.

  • Project
    You can select either all projects or a single project for which the API key is valid.

  • Expiration
    You can set the API key to expire either in 7/30/90 days, one year or that the API key does not expire at all.

  • Permissions
    This section provides an overview of all active API keys and allows you to delete unused or unneeded API keys.

If you don’t specify any option, an API key with a name containing the current date will be created — e.g. api-key-2022-11-01.
The created API key is valid for all projects, does not expire and has read/write permissions.

After creating the API key, a dialog with the API key appears:

api keys dialog

Important: Copy the API key from the dialog — you will only see this dialog once due to security reasons. If you forget to copy the key and close the dialog too early, you’ll have to create a new key.

Once created, API keys cannot be modified. If you need different permissions or a different expiration time, you will need to create a new API key.

Managing and deleting API Keys

All existing API keys are listed in the table at the bottom. Expired API keys are kept and visible in this table.
To delete an API key, click the delete icon icon on the row of the key.