Testiny. Your powerful test management solution

Manage all your manual and automated test cases and test runs in Testiny. Advanced, comprehensive test management software: easy-to-use interface, rich reports, seamless integrations (Jira), and many more features.

Manage all your manual and automated test cases in in Testiny. Comprehensive test management software: easy-to-use UI, PDF reports, integrations and many more features.

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Smart test management software

Our features

Our test management app has everything you need, and more

Powerful test case

Build, edit and maintain test cases. Extend test cases with custom fields.

Flexible test run

Assemble test runs, execute your tests and generate reports.

Robust integration &

Integrate with issue tracking tools, use test case templates to format your test cases.


What You See Is What You Get

Experience the remarkable possibilities of our application

Testiny - Dashboard
A dashboard offers a concise overview with charts for multiple data points and important key results.
Testiny - Test runs
Test run view – full dark theme support.
Testiny - Settings
Jira support built in, add new issues or link existing issues from within Testiny
Testiny - Test runs
Execute your tests from the test run view, quickly add results, provide context with comments. Close Test Runs for immutable test results.
Testiny - Test cases steps
Use the 'Steps' template to provide a more convenient layout for your step-by-step test instructions.
Testiny - Test plans
Test plans with an open flyin to add test cases by condition – you can also add test cases manually.

Test Runner & Dashboards

Efficiency at your finger tips

Never lose track, be informed at all times

Experience our versatile dashboard

Collect metrics on the success or failures of tests in your project. Get real-time charts about the state of your system under test and track current and historical states. Use ready-made widgets or customize them according to your personal preferences.

testiny.io - Dashboard & result

Trusted Testiny Runner

Use the runner to execute test runs. View, track, review and discuss your results. Archive results immutably.

Collaborate & Share

Immediate visibility of changes

We have integrated advanced technologies, for one or more reasons

Testiny – Collaborate and keep your data in sync

Concurrent & smooth team work

Experience seamless real-time collaboration with your colleagues as all changes are instantly propagated to all open instances of your project – in other browsers or even from other users.

Security & multi-project support out-of-the-box

Invite your colleagues to work on shared projects – each user can be assigned specific permissions and roles to fine-tune access rights. Our security-by-design approach with only one tenant per database offers unparalleled data protection.

testiny.io supports Multi-tenancy
Testiny - Jira integration for your Test Management

Native Jira integration

Enhance your workflow with our seamless integration of Jira. Run your tests, set the result and create, link or update a Jira issue directly. Testiny also provides smart defaults when you create new Jira issues and conveniently displays the current state of linked issues.


Pricing of Testiny

We want to be affordable, scalable and transparent​ in our price

What we offer

  • Great value proposition for small to mid-sized teams transitioning from low-level reporting to a dedicated tool.
  • A lean, fast test management tool with a convincing feature set.
  • Allows reporting and tracking of results to easily identify key issues.

Refer to our pricing page for details:

Plus: More exciting features are coming in the next months. Help us to create the test management tool we all would love to use.

Test cases
Create and edit test cases. Organize and assign test cases.

New: Test plans
Add more planning and structure to your test runs with dynamic or manually selected test cases.

Jira integration
Create, update, and link Jira issues.

Test runs
Assemble and execute test runs. Track and capture relevant results.

Track changes, view current and historical metrics in real-time.

Custom fields
Expand the scope of your test case information by adding custom data.

User management
Includes a granular role permission system.

Rich Text Editor
Format your test cases with basic and advanced styling options.

Test case templates
Add steps and expected results in a clearer and more comfortable way.


The main principles of our application

We have started anew from the very beginning to make your work easier

testiny.io benefits: Modern

Modern & fit for the future

Our app is built on a modern, future-proof framework, using state-of-the-art technology and security concepts.

testiny.io benefits: Secure

Secure & safe

Hosted on a secure European data center with a strict permission model that protects your personal data.

testiny.io benefits: Powerful

Powerful & fast

Our intelligent architecture and unique technology provide blazing fast performance.

testiny.io benefits: Multi-lingual


Supports multiple languages out-of-the-box, additional languages are added gradually.

testiny.io benefits: Robust

Robust & continuously supported

Built on a solid technical foundation, with frequent updates and improvements in performance and feature-set.

testiny.io benefits: Themable

Themable & attractive

Full support for light or dark theme, according to your personal preference.


Customer needs and requirements

We listen to our customers, feedback is greatly appreciated

Sign up now and try out Testiny’s features immediately, you will be amazed how easy test management can be.

Tell us what functionality you want in a great test management tool – and with your help, we can build an even better product.

We are excited to hear from you and listen to your feedback!

Testiny – Send us your feedback


Constant and steady progress

We work on meaningful features​, with open and dedicated planning

Testiny roadmap - Test management done right

Features that are currently in an implementing state:

  • Integrations — Connect to more defect/requirement services.


Features that are currently in a planning state:

  • Automation – Additionally, we are adding advanced support for automated testing capabilities to improve our functionalities in a full CI environment.


Further ideas/implementations will be announced in time. Sign up to get a first glimpse on everything we roll out.

Testing favors the brave.

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