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Create and manage test plans, select test cases manually or dynamically. Collect and analyze test results, inspect most frequently failed tests. Implement a smart, efficient testing process and easily plan out your test runs using Testiny.

Effortless testing strategies

Managing test plans

Create test plans to easily manage test runs and plan out your testing strategy for smooth releases and efficient regression testing. Decide which test cases should be included in your test plan by adding them manually or by using powerful dynamic queries.

Optimal planning for more efficiency

Create test plans to compile collections of test cases (added manually or dynamically) to easily plan out your test runs. In the intuitive user interface, you can quickly see how many and which test cases are covered with your test plan, and create runs directly out of your test plan.

Test plans with test cases
Dynamic test plans

Dynamic & powerful test plans

Add test cases dynamically

Assemble your test plans by either adding test cases manually or using queries to create dynamic test plans: Either add a test case folder or create a condition-based query. The test plan is always kept up to date to include all the test cases matching the dynamic selection.

Powerful queries

Test cases in plans can be compiled with our powerful queries, where you can combine multiple conditions. You can base your query on standard fields and all custom fields allowing great flexibility. With these queries, you can easily create test plans for smoke tests (select all test cases with high severity), do test runs only for a certain component (select test cases where a custom field equals “myComponent”), or retest a single area of your application (select test cases within folder “login”).

Harnessing insights

Test plan overview & test cases coverage

Keep an overview of all your test plans and easily filter or sort them. For each test plan, you see all the previously created test runs from the plan as well as the ones that are currently in progress. See the coverage of the test plan and which test cases are selected by your (dynamic) queries.

Valuable insight

Get insights on your test plan in the overview: See how many test runs have been created out of your plan and get a summary of their results. Quickly recognize and analyze the most frequently failed test cases in the most recent test run and over time.

Plan & execute test runs efficiently

Testiny. The test planning tool that facilitates efficient management of test runs and testing strategies by allowing users to create comprehensive plans, select test cases manually or through dynamic queries, and gain valuable insight into plan coverage and test results over time.

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