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Let us tell you why we made this step.

Testing favors the brave.

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About test management tools

Before the launch of Testiny, we were all working in software development for more than ten years, wrote millions of lines of code, thousands of tests, and clicked through applications too often to be counted. We’ve used dozens of frameworks, libraries, and tools.

What we all had in common, however, was our reluctance to volunteer for manual testing before a release:


We automated as much as possible, but there will always be a need for manual testing – that’s the reality. While we weren’t completely happy about it, we have come to accept it: We just haven’t found a tool that meets our expectations in terms of usability or feature set. Simply put, a tool that makes creating and executing manual tests a pleasure. Everything we tried turned into a usability nightmare pretty quickly – and so the idea of our own test management tool was born.

The reality on current test management tools
  • Partly old-fashioned with bad UX
  • Expensive
  • Usability is often cumbersome
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Integration with CI or test automation tools is difficult
  • No modern REST API
  • No overall “software quality overview”
  • There is nothing a tester would love
  • There is nothing a developer would even consider opening
What we would dream of
  • A fast and modern tool
  • Affordable for any kind of company – not just for enterprise giants
  • Easy migration
  • A tool testers really like and developers are also happy to use
  • Integrations in any tools within a software development process
  • The possibility to build own “integrations” or “extensions” or a modern API
  • CLI tools
  • Frequent releases
  • Fast and reliable high quality support
  • Continuous high quality (bugs should become less; not more)

As you can clearly see, we were a bit unhappy with the current available tools – so we did what engineers usually do in this case; we tried to make it better. Testiny was started.

What we’re trying to achieve with Testiny

With Testiny we want to create a test management tool, which helps you to manage your testing efforts, keep track of changes, and get an overall understanding of your software quality.
Testiny should be easy to understand and to use. Manual testing is an exhausting process – we simply want to make it less demanding. Thus, we’re putting much effort into UI and UX design and are using Testiny ourselves on a daily basis.

The past and the future of Testiny

Testiny is a modern tool with a very strong foundation. Lots of software architectural design efforts were invested to establish a rock-solid software product that is secure, highly performant, modular, robust, and easily extendable. All covered with tons of automated tests, which ensure continuous product quality.
We are aware that a couple of things are still missing – so please be patient with us.


Following features are scheduled and partly already in development:

  • Test plans to manage your test sets and executions
  • Test case templates to select between step-based tests, exploratory ones, …
  • Custom fields to customize Testiny to your individual needs
  • Additional integrations – just tell us what you need; we’ll add it to Testiny
  • A modern REST API + CLI tools
  • A secret feature which you’ll not find in any test management tool on the market.
    We’re working on it behind the scenes and believe it can become a game-changer in manual testing – if you’d like to know more, reach out to us. You could become part of the early-access program when the feature is ready.

If you’re missing important functionality or want to provide your personal feedback on Testiny, please feel free to contact us: Send us an email (email/link) or leave a comment directly in Testiny and tell us what you wish or what could be improved. We are also happy to set up a call with you and discuss your ideas further.

We support open-source

You’re running an open-source project and want to manage your tests? No problem – Testiny is and will always be free for open-source projects; just reach out to us. We’re also working on something behind the scenes to support the open-source community with our tool.

Testing favors the brave.

Try Testiny right now

Free 14-day trial available. No credit card required.

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