Testiny Server

Your on-premises testing solution — Testiny Server. Take control of your testing environment with a self-hosted test management tool.

On-premises test management solution.

Take control and self host Testiny.
Testiny Server is built on Docker and can be easily self-hosted. Enjoy the flexibility and security of managing your testing process in house, while harnessing the power of Testiny's features.
Compliance adherence & data sovereignty.
Ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies. Maintain full control over where data is stored.
Migrate from Testiny Cloud to Testiny Server.
In case you want to switch from Testiny Cloud to Testiny Server, Testiny offers a seamless migration of an existing account to Testiny Server.

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Why choose Testiny Server for on-premises test management?

Testiny Server is a self-hosted test management solution. It enables you to take control of your testing environment. Unlike other on-premises tools, Testiny Server is built on a modern technology stack, ensuring high performance and reliability. It is frequently updated to incorporate the latest features. Testiny is easy to learn with an intuitive and user-friendly UI.

With Testiny Server you have complete control over data, security, and compliance. This makes it an ideal choice for industries with regulatory requirements or sensitive data concerns. Testiny is suitable for finance, healthcare, and government sectors. Testiny is designed to scale and handle large testing environments. It offers robust test case management with an intuitive interface and detailed reporting. Set up seamless integrations with popular tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps, GitLab, and many more. Customizable workflows support various testing methods.

Testiny Server excels as an on-premises solution because of its state-of-the-art test architecture and user interface. It is designed to be easily deployed in your own infrastructure. Testiny offers fair pricing, making it the most cost-effective tool for teams of all sizes. In addition to that, excellent support and frequent updates complete the perfect in-house solution.

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