Data security & infrastructure

Testiny is designed for high security, availability, and resilience. Scalable cloud infrastructure, securely hosted with a certified provider, data isolation, strong encryption for data storage and backups. Regular backups and security audits.

Secure and robust infrastructure

Secure hosting.
At Testiny, security is our utmost priority. We have meticulously designed and built our infrastructure to ensure the highest level of protection for our users’ data. We host our service with a certified provider and all data is processed and stored fully GDPR-compliant. Our provider's certification is in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and further reinforces our commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable cloud environment.
Redundancy & high availability by design.
Our cloud infrastructure relies on a fully redundant architecture, as well as redundant and regular backups, which ensure high availability and resilience. With 24/7 monitoring and automatic resource scaling, we guarantee fast and constant performance and achieve high uptime.

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High data security

Strongest data encryption & regular backups.
We prioritize data security with strong encryption measures and all critical data is encrypted. Regular backups, stored in multiple physical locations, are performed every two hours. These backups are synchronized daily to our offsite servers, ensuring redundancy and high resilience.
Strict data isolation
To ensure data isolation, we implement separate databases for each organization. This makes it completely impossible for users from one organization to access data from another. With every customer having their own isolated database, this not only improves security but also performance.
Regular external security audits
We also conduct regular, independent third-party security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in our system. Our audits are conducted by independent security experts who provide us with a detailed report on the security posture of our systems. We can provide the most recent results on request. Please just contact us to request the audit results.

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Secure test management software

Granular permission system.
Testiny implements a granular role-based permission system to restrict access to sensitive data. Users are granted access based on their roles, and access to data is limited to the minimum required to perform their tasks. This approach ensures that data is not exposed to unauthorized users.
Consistent logging & auditing
Auditing is an essential aspect of Testiny’s security strategy. You can maintain detailed logs of all activities on any test entity (test case, test run,…), including user actions and changes. This information is critical in detecting and investigating security incidents, but also for tracing and undoing steps of unwanted changes.

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For all industries

Testiny is designed to meet the needs of sensitive industries, such as healthcare and finance. We follow industry standards and best practices to ensure that our app meets the highest security requirements.

Our app’s security features and the secure cloud infrastructure, including encryption, authentication, auditing, role-based permissions, certified hosting providers, regular encrypted backups, and data isolation, make it a trusted choice for organizations that require high-level security to protect their sensitive data.

Frequently asked security questions

General security questions

Do you have more questions about security and compliance? For general questions related to security, data policies, or compliance, please contact our support team.

Reporting & disclosure

If you discover a vulnerability or security issue that affects Testiny, please let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate and fix it. You can report directly to our security team.

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