Test run management

Easily organize and keep an overview of your test runs in Testiny, a modern tool for test run management. Collaborate with your team in an agile way, track changes, and archive results immutably. Create reports, analyze, export, and share your test run results, and also integrate with other tools.

Easy organization

Assemble your test runs in a flexible way – add and remove single test cases or whole folders by drag & drop. Use bulk edit to easily change the assignee of the test cases.

Collaborate with your team

Split the workload among team members, assign test cases to team members or yourself, execute test cases, set results, and add comments – with real-time updates.

Testiny: Test runs


Dashboard: Test cases
Keep an overview

Track the execution progress, how many test cases are left, who is assigned to how many and which test cases, and who executed which test case.

Capture and analyze results

Set test case results, track relevant results in the overview tab or filter by status or assignees, analyze failed or blocked test cases, and repeat failed test cases.

Track changes

We keep a history of all changes in your test runs. Easily review changes and versions in our diff views and see who changed what.

Immutable results

Archive your results by closing a test run to preserve the results and make them immutable – the results cannot be changed anymore.

Export & share

Share your test run results by either creating a PDF report, exporting the results as CSV or Excel files, or giving a team member read-only access to your project.


Features: Report
testiny.io - Jira integration for your Test Management

Integrate with other tools

Easily set up an integration with other tools and create or link defects to your test cases for efficient defect management.

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