Test automation management & CI/CD integration

Fully manage test automation, integrate your CI/CD pipeline or any test automation tool, and track & analyze test results for maximum efficiency of your testing efforts.

Run and track automated test results
Run your automated tests and use our CLI tool, our npm package or directly the REST API to collect your results in Testiny. We provide easy CI/CD Integration that works with all tools and platforms.

Analyze & identify test issues
Manage automated tests and analyze test results from different sources in a single place – to save time and effort.

Improve your QA
Identify test failures and compare results across runs or sources to improve test performance, build more robust automation tests, and get a complete picture of your testing efforts.

Shows most frequently failed test cases

Test automation management for complete and modern test management

Test automation management involves the planning, execution, and maintenance of automated tests. This includes selecting the appropriate test automation tools and frameworks, developing test scripts, managing test data, executing test cases, and analyzing test results. We designed Testiny to efficiently manage tests and collect all automated tests and results in one place. With Testiny, it is easy to analyze test results from all your automated test runs.

Testiny is made to integrate with and support any automation tool. We provide a CLI tool and a npm package for a quick and effortless setup to integrate into your CI/CD pipeline and submit your test results automatically to Testiny. We also offer a REST API to customize and fit all workflows.

To have a complete software testing solution, Testiny provides an efficient way to manage both your automated tests and manual tests with a single tool. Test management can be so much simpler, better, and smarter – with Testiny.

More features

Testiny reporting


Testiny’s reports providing users with actionable insights to focus on relevant tests and make the best use of your resources.

Testiny customization


Extend your test case templates with your own fields, and types. Choose a theme and customize permissions and integrations.

Testiny migration

No-frills migration

We simplified the process of switching from other products, with a powerful import tool to ensure a smooth transition.

Testiny collaboration

Collaboration & team

Testiny is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, to help users work together.

Testiny security

Reliable security

Our app boasts a reliable security model that safeguards user data and protects against unauthorized access.

Testiny automation


Run your automated tests and use our CLI tool or REST API to collect your results in Testiny more efficiently.

Testiny usability

Industry-leading usability

Testiny has a clean, user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility to quickly and efficiently accomplish your tasks.

Testiny API

Powerful API

Our APIs are designed to provide a clear and consistent interface for developers to automate tests, or create own extensions.

Testiny data compliance

Top-notch data compliance

Testiny is committed to safeguarding your sensitive and confidential data. Discover our measures to prevent data breaches and leaks.

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