Agile Test Management with Testiny​

Do you have difficulties with agile test management in an agile process? We have the solution!

Take a look at our tool or read below why Testiny is great for agile test management in software development.

Testiny - Test cases steps

Testiny adapts to your process
Create test cases and structure them the way you want. As your agile project evolves, you can easily reorganize them or create new fields to your test cases when your needs change.

Respond quickly to changes
Run test cases and perform iterative regression testing based on previous runs. Create test plans for releases, regression testing or just for subcomponents of your software.

Easy team collaboration
Engage testers and developers in a collaborative effort.
Communicate issues with issue-tracking tools lika Jira and see their status directly in Testiny.

Changes become transparent
See what has changed over time and who made the changes. Track and view the history of your test cases, plans and runs – with a diff view you won’t see anywhere else.

Get an overview of your team
Easily see who is doing what in each test run, quickly assign and reassign work to meet your milestones on time. 

See where you stand
View the progress of the test run to estimate completion, check the overall state of your project in the dashboard, analyze results over time and generate reports.

Testing favors the brave.

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Are you struggling with agile test management ?

Agile development methods, such as Scrum or Kanban, introduce new challenges in software testing. Common, (or better: “old-school”) test management tools quickly become a serious pain when trying to include them into an agile development process.

A process, which relies on quick reactions and the acceptance of change, embraces continuous integration, and simply wants to make software development faster, more reliable, and more fun.

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So why is Testiny different?

Testiny includes everything you need for testing: easy organization of your test cases, management of test runs, integration with external tools like Jira, and linking of errors or defects. It’s suitable for teams of any size, whether you’re doing manual, exploratory, automated or other testing.

Testiny fits seamlessly into an agile world, no matter what part of it you are currently using, you name it: Scrum, Kanban, sprints, boards, DevOps, CI/CD, etc., making Testiny the perfect tool for agile test management. With us you will become a bit more agile again!

Testiny doesn’t force you into “standard” testing processes. Adapt Testiny to your process, not the other way around.

Real-time updates
You hate hitting the refresh button? We feel you!
Testiny sends changes to all connected users instantly and in real time; no manual refresh required.

Testiny makes any kind of CI integration a breeze. Use our clients or even create your own.

Built on a modern tool stack
Testiny runs in containers, based on a modern cloud technology stack. We keep up with technology to continuously provide you with a streamlined, state-of-the-art test management tool.

Testiny’s security features are bullet proof – you think you’ve broken into our application? Just send us the proof and your CV – we want you on our team 😉

Testing favors the brave.

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So why is Testiny a great fit for an agile software development environment?

Implement and use your own processes
Testiny facilitates your Scrum, Kanban, or other agile process by providing a lean structure of test cases and test runs, the key components for testing. Everything in Testiny is built on this foundation and can be used as needed. Start lean, but still structure your test cases into test suites when you need more structure – sprint by sprint as your software grows.

Easy team collaboration
Testiny allows agile teams to collaborate in real time. Discuss test cases and results, apply your changes, and have the changes propagated to all team members immediately.

Spend time on your tests instead of getting annoyed with your test management tool
Running your test cases is just a click away. Select test cases to create and execute a test run; create a new project and start immediately; revise later if needed. Testiny keeps it simple.

Keep track of all your changes in a test case history
Testiny gives you full freedom of choice, keeps track of all changes and allows you to work as freely as you want – with revision security under the hood that helps you reproduce test results when needed.

Testing favors the brave.

Try Testiny right now

Free 14-day trial available. No credit card required.