Our app is a versatile and user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of features to make your operation efficient.
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Test case management

Create and edit test cases, set test case owners and organize test cases with ease. Describe preconditions, test steps and expected results. Review changes and version diffs in the history panel. Extend test cases with Custom Fields.

Grouped table screenshot
Grouped table in test run

Test run management​

Select your test cases, assemble your test runs, assign and execute your tests. Track, capture and discuss relevant results. Close test runs for auditability – including immutable test case snapshots.

Further productivity features

Testiny: Link requirements from Jira
Link requirements from Jira

Integrations and editing

Jira integration

Enhance your workflow with our seamless integration of Jira. Run your tests, set the result and create, link or update a Jira issue directly. Testiny also provides smart defaults when you create new Jira issues and conveniently displays the current state of linked issues.

Custom Fields

If the predefined fields are too limiting for your test case, Testiny allows you to expand the original scope of your test case information by adding specific content. Supports several field types for improved customization.


You can add steps and expected results in a clearer and more comfortable way. This will be especially useful for testers who want to perform more complex workflows.

Overview & Dashboard
Review key metrics through various widgets and graphs to understand the progress of your testing efforts. As a supervisor, get quick insights into your team’s work.
Teams & Collaboration
Effortlessly add team members to a project and manage permissions on the team. Collaborate and work on your project simultaneously. Testiny is ideal for small and medium businesses and enterprises.
Testiny is hosted in a secure European data center with a strict permission model that protects your personal and business data.

Securely hosted at

Hosted at Hetzner

Smart convenience features

Appearance and usage

Dark & Light theme

Full support for light or dark theme, according to your personal preference.


Show all historical changes in the test cases – and who made them and when. Export reports to archive them as immutable test run artifacts.

Rich Text Editor

At the heart of our test case creation process is a great rich text editor that lets you format test cases to your liking. Bold text, italics, paragraphs, headings, lists, links, images. We’ve also included a convenient way to copy snippets (like credentials) directly.

More features

Testiny reporting


Testiny’s robust reports providing users with actionable insights to focus on relevant tests and make the best use of your resources. Whether PDF report or dashboard – with one glance you have the full overview of your project.

Testiny customization


Extend your test case templates with your own fields, and types. Choose from the theme of the interface design to user permissions and integrations, enabling users to tailor the app to meet their specific tools and preferences.

Testiny migration


We simplified the process of switching from other products, with a powerful import tools and a template to ensure a smooth transition. Users can quickly and easily switch to our software with minimal disruption to their workflow.

Testiny collaboration

Collaboration and team work

Testiny is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, with features such as shared access to test entities and real-time change propagation to help users work together seamlessly.

Testiny security

Reliable security

Our app boasts a reliable security model that safeguards user data and protects against unauthorized access. With security as a pre-requisite, Testiny provides tamper-free audit logs, and a strict permission model.

Testiny automation


Run your automated tests and use our CLI tool or REST API to collect your results in Testiny. Using APIs in automated testing can greatly improve the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of testing efforts.

Testiny usability

Industry-leading usability

Testiny features a clean, user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility. With intuitive design and clear navigation, our app allows users to quickly and efficiently accomplish their tasks and goals.

Testiny API

Powerful API

The usage of our API is one of the more advanced features of Testiny: The APIs are designed to provide a clear and consistent interface for developers to make it easy to automate tests, or create own extensions to the platform.

Testing favors the brave.

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