4 Best On-Premises Test Management Tools (2024)

Discover the best on-premises test management tools, ranked by the best value for money, stability and feature set.

Test management tools are designed to facilitate the process of maintaining test cases, planning and executing test runs, and tracking and documenting test efforts and results. In the following list, we present the best test management tools available for on-premises installation:

  • Features & functionality
    We assessed whether the tool provides the essential features needed for test case management, test execution tracking, reporting, integration, and collaboration.
  • Usability
    We evaluated the tool’s user interface, intuitiveness, and ease of adoption by team members without extensive training or technical expertise.
  • Reliability & performance
    The tool should be stable, reliable, and able to effectively handle your testing requirements, even under heavy load or with large datasets.
  • Customer support
    Assessing the ease of deployment and ugprading as well as the stability of updates and the available customer support channels provided by the tool vendor.
  • Price
    Considering pricing and comparing the cost against other tools and against the features and benefits offered by the tool itself. This includes considering factors such as licensing fees, installation costs, upgrading or maintenance costs, and scalability options.

The following self-hosted tools offer a good balance of functionality, reliability, ease of use, customer support, and price. Getting the best value for your money means getting the most out of your investment by choosing a tool that meets your requirements, provides the necessary features and capabilities you need, and fits within your budget.

List of best on-premises test management tools in 2024

  1. Testiny
  2. Kualitee
  3. SpiraTest
  4. TestLink

1. Testiny

Testiny Logo Testiny is a modern test management tool that combines the latest technologies and impeccable UI design to make test management as easy to use as possible and offers a self-hosted version. Testiny Server offers an extensive feature set, including comprehensive test case management, streamlined test run planning and execution, integration with CI/CD and issue-tracking tools, and robust reporting capabilities, Testiny is the ultimate choice for both small and large QA teams. Testiny Server convinces with modern technology stack for easy deployment and upgrading (Docker), lightning-fast performance, intuitive design, unbeatable pricing, and scalability to accommodate teams of any size. Testiny also does not charge any installation or upgrading fees. Testiny Server is currently the best option available for teams looking for a self-hosted test management tool.

2. Kualitee

Kualitee Logo Kualitee is a test management tool that excels at managing the complete software application lifecycle, including project management, test cases, and defect management, and it also available for on-premises installation. One of its outstanding features is its robust collaboration capabilities, allowing teams to assign tasks, track progress, and access a useful dashboard. Kualitee further offers integrations with 3rd-party tools and a mobile app. Kualitee is a bit more pricey for on-premises installation, but still an affordable choice. The downsides are that their system seems to be a bit outdated as they still use the discontinued and unsupported PHP version 7 and they also charge extra fees for installation and an annual fee for upgrades.

3. SpiraTest

Spiratest Logo SpiraTest stands out as a test management tool that is both available in a cloud and an on-premises version. Its features set is comprehensive and covers test management, exploratory testing, automated testing as well as integrations with requirement management tools and bug trackers, reporting and email notifcations. SpiraTest provides a full feature set, but is pricier than other on-premises test management tools. Althought it's priced on the higher end, overall, it's a great choice for large QA teams.

4. TestLink

TestLink Logo Last but not least, TestLink is the most popular open-source alternative. TestLink supports both manual and automated test cases, making it a versatile choice for test management. However, its usability could be improved and the UI is a bit outdated. TestLink can only be self-hosted and does not offer a cloud version. As TestLink is open-source, it is free to use although TestLink welcomes any type of contribution from the community. This positions TestLink as a cheap alternative for experienced teams looking for a cost-effective and customizable test management solution.


Ultimately, the best on-premises test management tool depends on your specific needs, team size, and budget. There are not a lot of self-hosted tools on the market. However, it’s essential to evaluate several options and consider the unique requirements of your testing processes before making a decision. Most tools provide free trials, so you can easily try out and evaluate the tools available.

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