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Testiny tracks all changes to its entities (e.g. test cases, test runs, test results, ...). The history of each entity can either be found in the details view in the "History" tab or in the menu when clicking the More button and selecting "Show History".

The history view shows an entry for each change made to the entity. It tracks who applied the change and the time the change was made (hover over the time to see the exact date) in the "Changed by" column. The "Activity" column either shows the applied change directly in case of a minor change or a "See changes" link, if the adoptions were more extensive — in this case, hovering over the link will open an overlay-window.

Added content is displayed with a green colored background.
Deleted content is colored red and the text is crossed out.
If the content of a dropdown (e.g. the owner) was changed, the modification is illustrated with a '', indicating the change from the former to the new value.

Formatting Examples:

  • Green highlighted text indicates newly added content.
  • Red highlighted crossed out indicates the original removed text.
  • The combination of former text / new text indicates an old text replaced by a new one.

  • If the changes span multiple lines, a "See changes" link is shown. On hovering, the changes are displayed in a separate overlay-window.

  • Changing fixed values e.g. in a dropdown field, looks as follows:
        "Medium High"