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The Idea of Test Plans

General concept

Test plans in Testiny provide an interface where you can assemble your test cases beyond static folders.

Test plans provide the ability to statically and/or dynamically assemble test cases into an overall test plan.
Some examples could be:

  • Test plan for bugfix releases.
    This test plan could only contain selected test cases and those with priority "critical".
  • Test plan for specific feature areas.
    This test plan could contain all test cases of a folder that contains the tests for this feature and a few selected tests that interact with the feature.

As your app evolves, additional features may be added to your software and the test plan will grow. With Testiny test plans, we want to provide a feature that keeps the effort of assembling the right test cases for a test run at the absolute minimum. Define one or multiple test plans with static and dynamic conditions and the right tests will automatically be added to your plan for the next test run!

Test plans are thus "orthogonal" to the test case folders, which provide the possibility to group tests e.g. by features (login/logout, shopping cart, ...). In test plans, you can pick your tests from all these folders based on criteria you define according to your test definitions.

Statically added Test Cases

You can add test cases to a test plan by their ID. Whatever folder this test case is in, the test will be part of the plan and if you’d like to remove it you’ll have to do it manually.

Dynamically added Test Cases

The real power in Test Plans lies in the ability to make test plans dynamic!

This means that when a new test case is created or adopted and meets a condition defined in a plan, the test is automatically part of this test plan. For example, if a new test case with a priority of "critical" is created, it will automatically be part of the bugfix-release plan example mentioned above.

Testiny currently provides the following two options for dynamically adding tests to a plan:

  • By Folder
    Adding test cases 'by folder' automatically adds all tests in the specific folder (and its subfolders) to the test plan. Whenever a new test is created in this folder or moved to the folder, it becomes part of the test plan. If a test is removed from the folder, it’s automatically removed from the plan.

  • By Condition
    Adding test cases by condition is a very powerful way of adding tests to a test plan. You can define conditions when tests are added to the plan. For example, by using the condition "Priority equals Critical", all test cases in your test case repository that are critical are part of the test plan. Whenever a new critical test is created in any folder, it will be part of the test plan.

    When you specify multiple conditions, they are combined with an "AND" operator. Thus, all conditions must be true for a test to be added to the plan.

If you need additional options for defining your test plans, please share your ideas via our feedback system.