Test management for Jira

Testiny is a powerful test management tool for Jira, offering a full seamless two-way Jira integration. Create, link and manage Jira Issues from within Testiny.

A typical challenge for project teams is to find processes and tools that work for them. Logically, you want to use as few tools as possible as it’s always time-consuming to context-switch and set up new tools.

Jira is a powerful management tool that covers defects, requirements, agile software development, and much more. Test management can also be covered in Jira, but only in a very limited way – even when using an add-on. It always requires some compromise, whether it’s limited functionality or the need to buy an add-on for all Jira instance users (even if they don’t work with this specific add-on).

On the other hand, tools specializing in test management offer richer features that make your life a lot easier. With Testiny you can easily structure your test cases, track test runs, analyze results and create reports.

And with built-in support for Jira, Testiny allows you to create or link Issues directly from within the tool, providing a seamless integration.

Why Testiny is a huge boost for your team

Create Issues while testing.
Create Jira Issues directly out of the Testiny test run. The vital information from the test case is automatically prefilled into the new issue.
Link existing Issues.
Search and link existing Issues. No need to switch tools, search for the Issue to link within Testiny.
See current status of Issues within Testiny.
See the current status of the Jira Issue within Testiny. Verify on regression testing the status of the Issue.
Easy to configure.
Self-explanatory settings providing you with instant setup feedback. Enable integration for single projects during the configuration or set it up later.
Add-on for bi-directional communication.
Install the free Testiny add-on in Jira for a full integration for an even smoother experience. You can see linked test cases and test runs also within Jira.
No extra license fee.
Testiny uses the Jira API and API token for 2-way-communication. Therefore, you do not need additional Jira licenses to get the integration working.

Connect your Jira instance with Testiny

Use your Jira instance with our add-on to add requirements for test cases, to link or submit issues after a test run. Benefit from a secure, bi-directional integration of Jira in your test management process.

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