Quality Assurance Management for QA experts​

Your software quality is fine, but your management efforts are way too high?

Try Testiny – it makes Quality Assurance as easy as it can be.
Testiny Dashboard & team

Smooth test management
Organize your test cases in structured test suites.

Transparent team collaboration
Discuss test results in your team, interactively work together on results.

Monitor your progress
Mitigate risk by gaining insights over test run execution and progress.

Track changes
Revision-save documentation of your results including a complete changelog and audit information.

All KPIs in one view
See current as well as historical progress of test run execution.

Connect developers and testers
Create, link, and manage Issues in Jira to keep in touch with your development team.

Testing favors the brave.

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What makes Testiny a great tool for Quality Assurance Management?

It is easy to start, easy to use
Start writing test cases and restructure them later. Testiny keeps care of revision safety and result tracking. Gain deeper insights with dashboards and charts.

It boosts collaboration within the QA team
Invite colleagues to your test project. Collaborate on creation of test cases and execution. Assign test cases and test executions within your team.

It fosters seamless collaboration with your developers
Seamlessly collaborate with developers by using the 2-way Jira integration. Create and link Jira issues, see current status of issues within Testiny.

It provides real-time analyses and persistent reports
Track your progress with a single page overview. Create reports from test runs, print or save them to PDF.

It provides transparency & traceability
Changes in test cases and test runs are kept in history – forever. Track who changed what and when.

Testing favors the brave.

Try Testiny right now

Free 14-day trial available. No credit card required.

Are you able to meet your stakeholder expectations?

Delivering high-quality software on each release is more important than ever. Smooth quality assurance and test management are crucial in meeting this goal. Testiny is the cornerstone that supports you to deliver continuous high quality and to keep in control of your testing efforts and on track with your release.

Burn-down Chart

Convenient reporting
Export test runs to reports from Testiny and store the result for archiving – or sharing your results with others easily. Save the  print-optimized view as a PDF file from within your browser.

How Testiny supports you in quality assurance management:

Flexibility & control
In an ever-changing environment, flexibility is key; even more when gapless traceability is needed. Testiny keeps track of all changes under the hood, but remains flexible at the same time – Testiny adapts to you; not the other way round.

Team collaboration
Managing QA also means managing people. In Testiny you perfectly see who’s on which tasks and its role-based model allows you to set permissions as you need them.

Testiny is based on rock-solid modern technology and built by an ultra-careful development team. Trust in our tool, many others do so too.

Release done – now you need proof for your achievements. Testiny’s PDF reporting gives you an extensive overview of all test case results and is the perfect documentation for your testing efforts and their outcome.

Monitor your progress and keep the overview
No digging around for the overview you need – our dashboards give you the insights you need to perfectly manage your team and your overall QA. With us, you’ll always know where you are and if you’ll meet your deadlines – release on time with ensured high-quality software.

Testing favors the brave.

Try Testiny right now

Free 14-day trial available. No credit card required.