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The best TestRail alternative: Discover Testiny, the revolutionary test management platform for managing all your manual or automated tests in a single place. Test management can be so much simpler and better – with Testiny.

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TestRail vs. Testiny

Compare Testiny with TestRail: Testiny is a modern and complete test management tool. Compared to TestRail, Testiny offers an extremely intuitive user interface and fast performance. Collaborating is a breeze as changes are instantly propagates to all users. Testiny is built on modern and secure technology, and it is an actively growing high-quality tool with frequent and well-tested releases. With Testiny you have everything you need for efficient test management, extensive integrations with issue trackers such as Jira or GitLab, lots of flexibility with customizable fields and freedom with the REST API. Choosing Testiny means opting for a more streamlined, efficient, and insightful test management experience. Make the smart switch and start testing with Testiny today.

Compare pricing

5 users 10 users 30 users 50 users 101 users
Testiny – Advanced$ 850$ 1,700$ 4,675$ 7,225$ 13,727
TestRail Cloud – Professional$ 2,036$ 4,071$ 13,201$ 19,581$ 26,566

Disclaimer: Prices are per year and are rounded to the next dollar. Last updated in January 2024. Please refer to the product’s website for its latest pricing.

Why make the switch to Testiny?

Intuitive user interface & modern technology stack.

Testiny is a test management tool for manual and automated tests with an intuitive user interface. The modern tool stack enables blazing fast performance and makes Testiny a reliable tool with almost zero downtime. This all adds up to a smooth user experience and workflow that makes testing as productive and effortless as possible for your team.

Easy migration to Testiny via TestRail API.

Testiny makes migrating from TestRail as painless as possible. Simply provide the API credentials and Testiny migrates all your test cases including images, attachments, text formatting and custom field values to your Testiny project. Alternatively, you can also import test cases via TestRail XML file or CSV files.

High-quality test management tool.

Testiny is built by passionate people and relies on modern and secure technology. Testiny focuses on delivering a high-quality tool and brings out frequent and well-tested releases. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, the Testiny team always appreciates customer feedback, offers outstanding customer support and strives to continuously improve the user experience.

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Why Testiny?

Organizations choose Testiny to introduce a modern test management tool into their process to reduce time and effort spent on testing. Testiny provides powerful and flexible test management, for both manual and automated tests.

Level up your testing game.
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