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#1 Alternative to TestRail – manage all your manual or automated tests in Testiny, a lean and modern test management tool. Integrate with any issue tracking tool, use the full two-way native Jira integration, or utilize the unlimited API. Great value for all small and big-sized teams. Test management can be so much simpler, better, and smarter – with Testiny.

#1 Alternative to TestRail. Test management for small and big-sized teams. Simpler, better, and smarter – Testiny.

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TestRail vs. Testiny

Compare Testiny with TestRail: Testiny is a new, modern and complete test management tool. Compared to TestRail, Testiny offers an extremely intuitive user interface and fast performance as well as instant updates on changes. Testiny is built on modern and secure technology, and it is an actively growing tool with frequent and well-tested releases. With Testiny you have everything you need for efficient test management, and lots of flexibility with its unlimited API. Start testing with Testiny and try it out for free.

5 users10 users30 users50 users101 users
Testiny – Advanced Plan$ 340$ 1,190$ 4,242$ 6,843$ 13,217
TestRail Cloud – Professional$ 2,036$ 4,071$ 13,201$ 19,581$ 26,566

Disclaimer: Pricing details were updated in March 2023 and are rounded to the next dollar. Please refer to the product’s website for its latest pricing details. benefits: Powerful

Testiny – #1 TestRail alternative
Testiny is a modern test management tool with a lightning-fast & modern user interface. Make testing as productive and effortless as possible for your team – enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-learn test management tool. benefits: Modern

Modern technology stack
Not only provides Testiny an intuitive user interface, but also a smooth user experience and workflow – with the modern tool stack Testiny has blazingly fast performance and propagates updates on changes to all users immediately. benefits: Active development

Actively growing test management tool
Testiny is built by passionate people and relies on modern & secure technology. Testiny brings out frequent high-quality releases. The Testiny team always appreciates customer feedback and offers outstanding & immediate customer support.

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Why Testiny?

Organizations choose Testiny to introduce a modern test management tool into their process to reduce time and effort spent on testing. Testiny provides powerful and flexible test management, for both manual and automated tests.

All features of Testiny

Test management

Test cases, test runs and test plans
Simple (re)organization
Track all changes and archive results
Custom fields & test case templates
Rich-text editor (including links, images, copy from clipboard etc)
Multiple projects

Managing test cases

Multiple steps & expected results per test case
Custom fields per test case & per project
Bulk edit test cases
Duplicate test cases or whole test case folders
Import & export from/to spreadsheets

Managing test plans & runs

Manage test cycle with test plans
Create runs based on filters or test plans
Bulk assign test cases to users & bulk edit results
Burndown chart to track progress

Test automation, issue & CI/CD integration

Collect & track automated test results
Integrate with any test automation or issue tracking tool
Integrate your CI/CD pipeline
Build customized automation with the API

Metrics & reporting

Review key metrics in widgets and dashboard
Generate PDF reports
Share results via link with read-only team members
Build a customized export with the API

Scalable, great collaboration & usability

Grows and scales with your team
For small, middle or big-sized teams
Fast performance
Smooth collaboration with real-time updates
Intuitive user interface & customizable layout
Bulk edit, drag & drop


Modern & secure platform
24/7 monitoring
Fine-grained user permissions
Data compliance


Unlimited API
API keys with fine-grained permissions


Free trial available for 14 days
Trial includes all features
Free for small teams up to 3 members
Free for open source projects
Competitive & transparent pricing
Sample project for quick evaluation available

Disclaimer: Testiny is not affiliated with TestRail. Data could be outdated; please refer to the product’s website for their features and latest pricing details.

Check out more features of Testiny – The #1 TestRail alternative

More features

Testiny reporting


Testiny’s reports providing users with actionable insights to focus on relevant tests and make the best use of your resources.

Testiny customization


Extend your test case templates with your own fields, and types. Choose a theme and customize permissions and integrations.

Testiny migration

No-frills migration

We simplified the process of switching from other products, with a powerful import tool to ensure a smooth transition.

Testiny collaboration

Collaboration & team

Testiny is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, to help users work together.

Testiny security

Reliable security

Our app boasts a reliable security model that safeguards user data and protects against unauthorized access.

Testiny automation


Run your automated tests and use our CLI tool or REST API to collect your results in Testiny more efficiently.

Testiny usability

Industry-leading usability

Testiny has a clean, user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility to quickly and efficiently accomplish your tasks.

Testiny API

Powerful API

Our APIs are designed to provide a clear and consistent interface for developers to automate tests, or create own extensions.

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Testing favors the brave.

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