Best Tuskr Alternative

Top alternative to Tuskr – manage all your manual or automated tests in Testiny, a lean and modern test management tool. Testiny offers fair & affordable pricing, a rich feature set, integrations (GitLab, AzureDevops, full two-way Jira integration and many more), and an open, unlimited API. Great value for all small and large teams. Test management can be so much easier, better, and smarter – with Testiny.

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Tuskr vs. Testiny

Compare Testiny with Tuskr: Testiny is a new, modern test management tool with an extremely intuitive user interface. Testiny trumps Tuskr in user-friendliness, native integrations, and pricing for small to big-sized teams. Testiny’s design is streamlined and easy to learn, and its fast performance and instant updates on changes allow smooth collaboration. It is an actively growing tool with frequent and well-tested releases and compared to Tuskr, offers native integrations for a better user experience and without the need for additional licenses for other tools. Finally, unlike Tuskr’s very limited API, Testiny provides its API with a complete feature set, which makes any integration, import, or export of data possible. With Testiny you have everything you need for efficient test management, native integrations, fair pricing, and a rich REST API. Start testing with Testiny and try it out for free.

Compare pricing

3 users 5 users 10 users 10 users + 10 viewers
Testiny – Advanced$ 510$ 850$ 1,700$ 1,850
Tuskr Business$ 750$ 750$ 1,500$ 3,000

Disclaimer: Prices are per year and are rounded to the next dollar. Last updated in January 2024. Please refer to the product’s website for its latest pricing.

Why make the switch to Testiny?

Ultimate alternative to Tuskr

Testiny stands out as a superior alternative to Tuskr with its comprehensive testing features and seamless integration capabilities, empowering teams to streamline their testing processes effortlessly. With Testiny’s modern tool stack, it provides blazing-fast performance and together with an extremely user-friendly design, Testiny creates a smooth user experience.

Great value for money

Testiny offers not only a more intuitive user interface but also a smoother user experience – with its modern tool stack, Testiny has blazingly fast performance. With its rich feature set, competitive pricing for smaller teams, and custom plans for enterprises, Testiny is a perfect fit for small and large teams.

Seamless integrations & rich API

Testiny offers seamless integrations with Jira, GitHub, Azure DevOps and many more to create a simpler and better user experience. In addition to that, Testiny has a rich API available so that any CI/CD integration, test automation, export, and import of data is possible – no restrictions and full flexibility.

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Why Testiny?

Organizations choose Testiny to introduce a modern test management tool into their process to reduce time and effort spent on testing. Testiny provides powerful and flexible test management, for both manual and automated tests.

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