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My Account

In My account, you can customize your personal Testiny experience by setting different preferences such as the language and theme used, but you can also change your name, email address or password.

profile settings

The following settings are available for the display of your user account:

  • Profile photo — To personalize your Testiny profile and make it easier for others to recognize you, it’s a great idea to upload an avatar image. Plus, it adds a touch of personality and makes Testiny more enjoyable to use.
    Just click on the "Upload avatar" button and select an image of your choice. Or simply drag an image onto the "Drag image here" placeholder. Testiny will subsequently show the image next to your name.

  • Display name — Your "Display Name" is how your user is named in the app and how other users can identify you. For example, it will appear in the "Owner" column in the test cases view, in drop-downs where a user needs to be selected, or when assigning a test case to somebody. Choose a name that makes it easy for others to identify you among your colleagues.

Changing your email and password

  • Account data — Here you can change your email address, first name and last name.
    When changing your email, a confirmation mail will be sent to the new address with a "Confirm email change" button. To finalize the change, please click this button in the email.

  • Password — In this section, you can change your password. Testiny automatically evaluates your password strength and blocks weak or vulnerable passwords.
    A good password consists of more than 10 characters, uses upper/lower case, numbers, and special characters.


For single sign-on users, please ensure that your new email address is also configured in the single sign-on provider.

Customizing Testiny

  • Language — Set your preferred language here. The language will be saved in your account and will be used whenever you log in to Testiny. If you would like to help us translate the Testiny UI to new languages, feel free to reach out to us via: [email protected]

  • UI theme — Here you can set your desired UI theme. Currently, you can choose between a dark and a light theme.
    The theme is browser-specific. If you log in with a different browser, you may need to set the theme again.